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Dogs & Cats

We don't stock anything we wouldn't feed our own pets. Our range of dog and cat food treats are considered some of the highest quality available.
Holistic Pet Food · Grain-Free Food · Organic Food · Joint Support Formulas


We appreciate that livestock is an integral part of the agricultural world. Our cost-effective solutions help provide for needs across your livestock's cycle.


We stock food and supplies for pond and aquarium fish and other aquatic pets.

Alternative Pets

We cater for a large variety of other animals as well!
Turtles · Fish · Birds · Reptiles · Kangaroos · Wallabies · Alpacas

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How Can We Help You?

Dempsey's Feed Supplies stock a large range of food and supplies for a variety of domestic pets, livestock and other animals.


We offer a large variety of products for the Horse industry from Saddle and Tack requirements, Grooming, Feed, and Supplements from industry leading producers or our
own blends of products created from years of experience.


Dogs & Cats
Our range of dog food, cat food and treats are
considered some of the highest quality pet food available. We stock holistic pet food, grain-free dog and cat food, organic pet food, joint support formulas, highly digestible formulas, people quality pet food, and pet products with minimal preservatives.

We cater for a large range of aviary birds with either pre-packaged, South Australian, products or our highly recommend own blended formulas in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. We also cater to the varying requirements of pigeons, budgies, parrots, lorikeets, canaries and finches.

Alternative Pet Products
We also stock supplies for other alternative pets & wildlife like Turtles, Fish, Reptiles, Kangaroos, Wallabies and Alpacas.

Bulk Commodities

Working with local farmers, we source our bulk grains, legumes and hay locally.

Knowing exactly what it is and where it comes from enables us to meet our customer's requirements.

We stock wheat, barley, oats, lupins, beans, peas and hay and pea straw for the dedicated gardener.


With a wide range of feeds and supplements for the Livestock market, whether its for breeding season, sale season or general health during the different weather seasons, we
cater for it all.

We appreciate that livestock are an integral part of the agricultural world. and Our cost-effective solutions help provide for needs across your livestock’s cycle.

Do you have a large fencing program or smaller maintenance activities on the horizon?

Our range of rural fencing supplies can make short work of your project; and all at a competitive price.


From large poultry runs to the backyard egg producers we have what you need to ensure your breeders, layers and chicks are the most productive.

We offer pre-packaged South Australian pellets together with our own popular blends in a variety of sizes to suit your

We also stock a large range of feeders and animal husbandry products to suit a variety of needs.

So, if you have some chooks, ducks, turkeys or chickens we have the products to satisfy your requirements.

Want To Know More?

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or feedback!

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